Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snake Skins

this is my desert king snake, bellatrix (trixxy). i got her for christmas 2007 (i should note now that snakes are long living creatures and buying one should be carefully considered. snakes are for life not just for christmas)
well that's not what this post is about. i've had trixxy just over a year now and in the last year she has sluffed (shed her skin) a total of 10 times since i got her.  she was a very young snake when i got her, only a coupe of months old. 

her most recent sluff was about 3 days ago and her first sluff was about a month after i got her so these 2 skins are about 1 year apart in age. 

the first measures in at 1 foot 10 inches (57 cm)

the most recent measured in at about 2 feet 9 inches (85 cm)
so that's a total growth of just under a foot. 

it's interesting to see that only one of the the skins isn't totally complete. small snakes normally shed in a whole but bigger ones tend to shed off in lumps like lizards.

she's currently only about half as long as she can get. king snakes can get as long as about 6 feet but the average is about 4 feet. 

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