Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mosquito repelling.

Well, my college study tour to borneo is fast approaching. It's now only 11 weeks and 6 days till we leave. Last week we were give some more information about the trip, we will be leaving at 3:30 am but our flight isn't until 9:40. the flight there is 24 hours long which is going to kill us but the flight back is only 20 hours. 
Anyway, at college the only thing everyone's talking is what we're doing, what we're packing, the animals out there, and most of all: how not to get mosquito bites.
So we've come up with several good ways to keep mosquitos away:
  • Mosquito  repelling spray, should contain DEET (but not 100% because that just burns your skin off).
  • Having a high level of vitamin B in me blood, so I'm taking vitamin B complexes before leaving.
  • Eating marmite every day apparently keeps mosquitos away, unfortunately I hate marmite so I've been told to have a jar of marmite open in my room at night.
  • Lavender scented things, so lavender body wash, lavender oil, lavender body spray. You name it!!
Anyone know anything else?

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