Saturday, 27 March 2010


I thought I should write something moral, so today I’m writing about the horrible statistics of tigers. As we all know they are on the endangered species list due to habitat destruction and poaching!!

But did you know in the last survey in India in 2007 there were only 1,400 animal remaining (that’s less than pandas!!).

Did you also know that there were at one point 8 different sub-species of tigers but now there are only 5? 3 species have become extinct in the 20th century thanks to humans.

Did you also know that there are more tigers in private captivity (as in people own them and not including zoos) than there are tigers in the wild? It’s estimated there are around 12,000 in the USA and 4,000 in Texas alone. Is that not disgusting? People keep these majestic animals in their back gardens while there are hardly any left in the wild!!! I think it’s truly sick that people feel the need to have such a beautiful animal just to make a statement about their own income and status!!

Just a little bit about tigers!!

Tigers are solitary creatures that live throughout Asia. They like to live in areas with good cover, a water source and lots of prey, so this tends to be around the edge of forests. They can grow to over 6 feet in length, 2-3 feet of which is their tail. They give birth to 2-3 cubs after a gestation period of about 16 weeks. The female then rears the cubs alone. The female can then mate again within 5 months, they are able to mate all year round but tend to between November and April. They can live up to 10 years in the wild and females are sexually mature at about 3 years old.

Another statistic for you; a genuine tiger skin coat will cost around about $10,000!! That’s also disgusting!!! I’m very fond of the quote (I’m not sure who said it):

“fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people”.

Oh and just one more thing, if you want to help you can adopt a tiger though the WWF who protect their habitat and stop poaching, Here!

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  1. Hi Tish,

    Thanks for visit my blog and leave comments. Yep, i feel blessed being in Borneo. Still surrounded by great nature and wildlife. Cultures and traditions of so may different ethnics.

    By the way, all the best in your study and your passion for wildlife and nature will sure bring out the best in you to become a passionate and committed conservationist. All the best!