Monday, 26 January 2009

Lemur Love

One of my favorite animals are ring tailed lemurs. Just some pics i've taken over the last few years.

Moments after the birth of 2 baby ring tailed lemurs that i witnessed. it was very interesting watching her eat the after birth. a strange time for them to be born as normally lemurs give birth at night. 

The baby lemurs again. for the first 2 weeks of life the babies cling to their mother's chest. after that they are cared for by the whole troop, carrier around on their backs.

A ring tailed lemur in Marwel zoo licking the wall. not exactly sure why she's doing this, possibly a mineral need or maybe it just tastes nice.

Hand feeding ring tails. they love grapes, this was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Up close to a ring tailed lemur in Cotswold wildlife park. they have a walk through enclosure, normally lemurs wouldn't get this close but this one was used to people.

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